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Sex & the City

Last night it was raining, so I decided to have a Sex & the City mini-marathon, which was perfect for preparation for the 2nd movie. I watched some of my favorite episodes, and then the first movie, of course. It made me realize that Aidan was so much better for Carrie than Big. Or maybe, I would choose Aidan over Big...I think most other girls would too. Maybe the 2nd movie will make me change my mind about Big.

Here is my mini S&tC marathon:

Episode 1, Season 1
Sex & the City
At a birthday party for thirty-something Miranda, Carrie and her friends vow to stop worrying about finding the "perfect" male and start having sex "like men." Carrie has several encounters with Mr. Big. Miranda starts dating Skipper Johnston. Charlotte goes on a date with Capote Duncan, but when she tells him she won't have sex with him, he goes to a club and winds up going home with Samantha.

This is a great first episode. Most of the main characters are introduced, and you get to see each of the girls' personalities. It's a funny episode, but it also has a little something (I'm not sure what to call) at the end when Carrie is getting out of the car after Big drops her off at her apartment.

Episode 30, Season 2
Ex & the City
Carrie freaks out when Big tells her he's engaged. Miranda sleeps with Steve for the first time after their breakup. Charlotte tries to overcome her fear of horseback riding. Samantha dates a guy who's too well-endowed.

Episode 35 Season 3
No Ifs, Ands or Butts
Carrie's smoking becomes a problem when she goes on her first date with Aidan Shaw. Miranda makes more time for Steve in her life. Charlotte dates the worst kisser she's ever met. Samantha dates a black man whose sister is racist.

This is where we meet Aidan, the furniture!

Episode 39 Season 3
Easy Come, Easy Go
Big tells Carrie that he's leaving his wife. Miranda deals with her break up and Steve moving out of the apartment. After meeting Trey's mother, Charlotte proposes. Samantha dates a man with "funky spunk".

Episode 40 Season 3
All or Nothing
Carrie feels guilty and wants to quit her affair with Big. Miranda has phone sex with a co-worker from Chicago. Charlotte negotiates the terms of a prenuptial agreement with Trey's mother, Bunny. After celebrating her move to the new apartment in the Meatpacking District, Samantha's flu gives her a pessimistic outlook on life.

Episode 42 Season 3
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Carrie struggles to find the right time to tell Aidan about her affair. Miranda tells a guy she's a stewardess in hopes of getting a date. Charlotte marries Trey MacDougal. Samantha sleeps with Trey's Scottish cousin, despite being unable to understand him.

Episode 58 Season 4
Belles of the Balls
Carrie invites Big up to Aidan's country home to talk. Charlotte tries to discuss her and Trey's infertility problems. Miranda sleeps with Steve after he has one of his testicles removed. Samantha tries to get the PR position for hotelier Richard Wright.

This is probably my all-time favorite episode. Poor Steve..Miranda and Steve's relationship was always so funny to me. They always cracked me up. I really enjoyed this episode because Big came to Aidan's home in upstate NY (while Aidan and Carrie were there for the weekend) and the two of them got into a fight. I love that scene, and then afterward they end up getting along, which must have been so awkward for Carrie. I think Aidan really should have shown Big who the boss was, though...he could totally take him out.

Episode 60 Season 4
Just Say Yes
Aidan proposes to Carrie. Charlotte discusses adoption with Trey, but hits a wall when Bunny finds out. Miranda tells Steve she's keeping his baby. Samantha starts sleeping with her boss, Richard Wright.

(I realized I skipped season 5, but those episodes are not any of my all-time favorites.)

Episode 94 Season 6
An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux
Carrie is lonely in Paris because Petrovsky is spending so much time on his new exhibit. The chemo treatments are killing Samantha's sex drive. Miranda must take care of Steve's mother after she has a stroke. Charlotte and Harry try to adopt a baby. Big goes to Paris to look for Carrie.

Ugh! I hated Petrovsky! I never understood why Carrie was so attracted to him..he was so self-centered..and then Carrie didn't go to her book/fan party because he was anxious about his art show..please! Give me a break..she spent all her time alone in Paris and then he had the nerve to slap her when she stood up for herself. What a loser. Big coming in and rescuing her really gave him a ton of points.

Seasons 3 & 4 are definitely my favorite seasons out of all of them. It's funny to watch the older episodes, too, and see how different things were back then and how they are in later seasons or in the films.

Sex & the City (The Movie)
Set four years after the events of the series finale, the film begins with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth) viewing apartments with the intention of moving in together. Carrie falls in love with a penthouse suite far from their price range, which Big immediately agrees to pay for. However, Carrie experiences doubts over the wisdom of this arrangement, explaining that they are not married, and as such she would have no legal rights to their home in the event of a separation. She offers to sell her own apartment, and quelling her fears, Big suggests that they get married.

My favorite scene from the movie has got to be when Carrie was trying on all of the wedding dresses, and then when she gets home, there's the delivery of the Vivian Westwood dress she absolutely adored. It was gorgeous..and it was so tragic to see her running down the library stairs in it after finding out that Big wasn't there for the wedding..ugh! Why didn't he get out of the freaking car..? I did enjoy their city hall marriage, though. They should have gone with that from the beginning.

Stay tuned for my review of the movie's sequel!

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