Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Packing Progress

We've packed a lot of stuff so far. Almost all of the office is packed up, all of the living room is done, all of the sun room is done, and most of the dining room is done. We also packed up the office closet.

Things left to pack:

-master bedroom closets (but most everything in those are already in storage containers, except for the clothes)
-hall closet
-bathroom closet
-laundry room/closet

Most of the kitchen stuff is packed up, but the stuff that is still out would need to be packed, of course (and the pantry). And then little things that are around the apartment that we use every day or whatever, that stuff will need to be packed too.

I have started wrapping up all of my pyrex already, I just need to put it all in a box or 2.

So, most everything is packed at this point.

The only glasses we have left unpacked are margarita glasses and some little wine glasses. Not that we're big on alcohol or anything, but it's fun to drink out of those, alcohol or not. :)

One thing we don't have at the new apartment is a pantry. :( We'll have to use one of our extra cabinets for that, or I can get a separate cabinet to use as a pantry..but I think I will wait on that until we see how it'll all work at the new place. The new kitchen is a lot bigger, so I will be happy either way.

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  1. Good luck - hope it all goes well!