Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why Pyrex?

Why is it that collecting or searching for vintage pyrex is so addicting? What makes it such a big deal to us? Is it because it reminds us of our child hood, or maybe of our parents or grandparents? Is it something we used in our first apartment as adults? Does it remind us of cooking and baking at home, with & for family and loved ones? Perhaps most of all, it is because it reminds us of simpler times. I know I'm pretty domestic-I love to bake and clean house and do typical house chores. It's something that is very relaxing and stress-relieving for me. Are other pyrex lovers like that? Probably not. But I am sure a lot of us are..

I'm not talking about new pyrex or plain pyrex. I mean the stuff I've mentioned earlier on in this blog. Vintage pyrex. Pyrex from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and even early 80's. Sure, I like all sorts of vintage items, but nothing calls attention to me more than pyrex does. When I go to antique or thrift stores, I am constantly scanning for vintage items that catch my eye. The thrill is probably the best part, especially when you can spot something from a pretty far distance. I catch myself racing to the treasure as if the fellow shopper next to me is also secretly a pyrex lover.

Okay so it's no secret. I love pyrex. I also think there are lots of ugly patterns, but it's so nice to see all of the other pyrex lovers on Flickr and see all of the photos of their treasures. It's cool to see complete collections, even if it's a pattern I don't particularly care for.

I can spend a lot of time on Flickr looking at pyrex galleries and slideshows. It seems like there is an entire group of people out there with a love for pyrex like mine. I am sure there are tons more who love it more than me-especially those who collect every single piece they come across.

Hoarding definitely isn't a problem of mine. Like I said in an earlier post, I usually come across pieces that are overpriced, so I just leave them behind. So far I haven't bought any on ebay, so it's not a huge obsession for me. It's just a very comforting hobby that I have. Why am I blogging about all of this? Well, I really just would like to know what it is that attracts pyrex lovers to pyrex.

People all over the world have different kinds of collections. Pyrex is just a very warm and home-feeling collection. It probably really does relate to the whole idea of home, family, comfort, etc. It's a very good thing.

I often wonder about the pieces I do find and end up buying. Who owned it before me? Was anything cooked or baked in it, and if so, what? Why is it here in this store being sold? What happened to the old owner? Did they clean out their cupboards and decide to purge some items? Did they pass away and family got rid of the pyrex? Was the piece part of a set that got lost, and was later found but then discarded in the donation pile? These are all things that go through my mind when I am purchasing pyrex (or glasbake, fire king, hazel atlas, etc.). Each piece has its own character and story, like all antique/flea market items do. That's what makes it all fun.

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