Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This week's haul

This is my haul from this past week's hunt. 12 pieces of pyrex, 3 vintage items, a lotus bowl, and 1 pieces of glasbake & 1 piece of fire king:

I really love this metal canister. It has the alphabet on it. The copper mold will hang in my kitchen next to my other copper molds. The green lazy susan thing will look cute in my cabinet with mugs on it. The lid is a pyrex lid, and I figure I will find a piece that matches it or another pyrex collector might need it.

The 2 orange dot bowls are from the New Dots set-they are 401 (the smallest) size. I couldn't believe the antique store Bonnie & I went to on Sunday had the 2 of them for so cheap!
I'm saving the snowflake dish for the holidays..and the spring blossom bowl just needed to be rescued.

I've been looking for this herb dish (the center piece) for a while-it is so cute. I have seen it on mugs and loaf pans. The 2 little square refrigerator dishes are adorable. The rectangular fire king dish I am thinking will be a piece up for trade..

Saturday night I made some blueberry muffins @ Bonnie's house, so we would have them in the morning for breakfast. I just had to take a picture of the batter in a pyrex bowl:


  1. what's the tin beside the copper mold?

    love the snowflake one!

  2. the tin is the alphabet canister-i love it