Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update on the ugly light fixture in our nook

Here are some better photos of the ribbon chandelier I made over the summer to cover up the ugly light fixture in our nook. I'm sure people think this is ugly too, but it is 100x better than what it looked like before. I like the way it gives off a glow at night!



I used double sided tape to secure each ribbon strand to a wooden embroidery hoop. We then hung it up with thread and some eye screws (into the ceiling) and made sure that no part of the ribbon chandelier is touching the ugly old light fixture.


I had a bunch of scraps of ribbon and spools I hadn't used so I just made a sort of pattern to go all around the hoop, making sure I cut each piece to the same size. I like it a lot! It's way better than the old fixture before.

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