Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

This year we carved 3 pumpkins and 1 turnip.


The Kanji one is "face" in Japanese.

Why did we carve a turnip? That's because of Jack of the Lantern.


The story behind Jack'o'lanterns is here:

Basically, Jack tricked the devil into promising not to take his soul. When he died he was in limbo between heaven and hell, because he wasn't good enough for heaven and the devil promised not to bring him to hell. He was given an ember from the devil so he could see while he was wandering around in the dark. He put the ember in a carved out turnip and held it like a lantern. He became known as Jack of the Lantern. It's an old Irish folk story, and I love it.

I also made some pumpkin cake pops. They are various flavors (next time I will have to actually make pumpkin bread or cake ones). Someone ordered 2 dozen from me for a Halloween party and I brought the rest to work to give out as treats for Halloween.


We decorated our front window with origami bats:


Even Beethoven at home has some Halloween spirit!


I made some apple butter with the rest of my apples from the orchard:


And canned it for some friends:


And I roasted some pumpkin seeds and flavored them with cinnamon and sugar:


They are delicious!

On Saturday, after I delivered the 201+ cake pops that a bride ordered for her wedding, I saw this amazing sunset.


And speaking of those wedding cake pops, here they are:


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