Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple Picking!

Last Saturday my pal David and I headed out to Grave's Mountain to attend the apple harvest festival and to pick apples in the orchard!


It was opening day for the festival, so there was a line of traffic waiting to get there, but we made it around 11am. We parked and trekked across the way to where the festival was. We checked out the vendors and joked about all of the tchotkes and other things we saw there. We did see a few things we liked, too.

Like these gold/silver dipped leaves turned into pendants:


I really liked the ginkgo leaf pendants she made and I'm sure I could make them myself. I saw some liquid metal (gold, silver, etc) on QVC a few years ago and thought it would be neat for something like this. Guess that's what the vendor was doing. Either way the pendants looked great!

After we were done looking around the festival and taking photos, we headed over to the orchard. It was a little bit of a walk and we stopped to check out the petting zoo before we continued on..

Pigs on the way to the apple orchard:


Almost to the orchard:


Once we got there we picked up a half bushel box and made our way to the aisles and aisles of apple trees and started picking!

Gorgeous view:


View of the mountain:


David in the orchard:


Some scenery at the apple orchard:



We ended up with a half bushel and David took the ones he picked (he didn't want too many of them). We got a variety of fuji, golden and red delicious, stayman, and others. The fujis are my favorite! As my friend Anna says, I have never met a fuji apple I didn't like!

My half bushel of apples:


We also stopped at the road side stand when you leave the orchard to pick up some little gourds and mini pumpkins. One of the little pumpkins is on my desk at work. For some reason I find them really cute.

My gourds/mini pumpkins:


So, it was a great day with David, who was visiting Richmond for the weekend. We had a great time catching up and enjoying the weather. It was a mini adventure walking around the apple orchard trying to find good apples to pick, but we had a great time.

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