Friday, February 5, 2010

Things to do this weekend

It's the second weekend in a row I've been snowed in, and plans for work this weekend have been yeah.

Things I should probably do this weekend:

-list some items in my etsy shop (take photos, write up the descriptions, figure out real prices..etc)
-finish cleaning/purging my craft area and finish organizing that
-list a couple of books on or check and see if a certain local bookstore will buy the ones i am intending to sell
-organize & shred files in the office
-finish our taxes that i started last weekend
-actually come up with a better system for my recipes...they are a big unorganized mess right now, so i need to either put them all on the same cards, or try to contain them all somehow onto similar sized cards or something..that's gonna be hard.

i remember when we were in texas, jackie had several little photo albums that were chuck full of recipes. each album was for a specific type, like one was for desserts all on its own, and they were all labeled on the outside so it was easy to find what you needed. it was a good system and i am sure it has been working for her for years. some of the recipes were just on plain index cards, and others were cut out from wrappers or boxes, just the right shape to fit in the sleeve. it was actually pretty nice having everything contained like that.

i have some recipe cards that i got years ago from hallmark on clearance. but i have a recipe holder that holds cards facing the other the blank cards i have won't really work.

for my bridal shower, the recipes everyone gave me were all put into a creative memories mini photo album thing..and i somehow have accumulated 3 or 4 other identical albums. i could just try to somehow get everything to fit in those..but i have so many recipes!

maybe i should put the good ones in those books..and then i can put the other ones on the blank cards i have and use a photo box for those.

decisions, decisions.


  1. Sounds like you've got plenty of things to keep you busy. :) I'm watching episode 4 of Big Love and then I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe watch some Dr. Quinn. :)

  2. yup! omg @ BL episode 4..sooo sad with the elephant costume.. :(

  3. yeah that was pretty sad and he didn't even go after her...he was more concerned with himself. Wanda peeling potatoes was gross....I'll never get that image out of my head when I'm peeling potatoes. LOL

  4. i always have that fear when i am peeling potatoes or carrots or anything with a peeler.. eeeeew!