Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pantry Chili

Yesterday the office closed (after I had been there for an hour) due to the snow, so when I got home I made Daniel a nice pancake breakfast.

I had had enough of the snow, after running around in it all morning (or walking, between offices), so I decided to stay inside all day, and we pretty much just chilled.

Chilling was a great choice, and so I decided to make some chili for dinner.

I like to call my chili "pantry chili" because I use whatever is on hand. I browned some beef, drained it, and added it to a big pot. To that I added one onion (chopped) some diced tomatoes, some crushed tomatoes, kidney beans, salt, pepper, and a packet of chili seasonings. I mixed all of that together and let it boil. Once it was boiled, I lowered the heat, covered it and then let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

After that, I dumped all of it into my crock pot on the low setting, to keep it warm. So it was all already cooked, but we kept it heated in the crock pot so we could eat it later once it was actually dinner time.

When we did eat it, we sprinkled some cheese on top and ate it with fresh rolls. It was delicious. I even brought some for my lunch today.


  1. That's cool....You know what would be easier?? Cook the meat, drain it and put in crock pot. Then add everything to the crock pot and let it cook and simmer all day. That's what I do and it's delicious!! :)

  2. it is easier to do it that way, but it was only an hour or so after i put it in the crock pot (after it was already cooked). i knew dinner would be soon..

  3. Thank you for stopping by my site & introducing yourself! Glad you too are a great coupon shopper! It's fun & great to save, isn't it?!!