Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day..

Happy Valentine's Day. This is my 9th Valentine's Day spent with Daniel..he bought me some pretty flowers and 'Julie & Julia' on dvd and we watched it together after dinner. Yes, he sat through it and wasn't bored, either. After us watching 'Deliverance' the other night, he owed me this one.

I saw the movie last year with my sister & mom. It was cute back then and it's still cute now. I love the book more, though.

There are a lot of funny things in the book that I wish they included in the movie. There is a part in the book about something hiding underneath Julie's drying rack..not going to spoil it for you..just trust me that it's hilarious. That would have been so funny to see in the movie. Also, tons of real melt-downs in the book..moments that remind me of when I am in the kitchen and make a huge mistake.

The writer Julie Powell is great. I am about to read her other book. 'Cleaving,' so I am really looking forward to that.

I got Daniel some more socks for Valentine's day, and a big pack of spaghetti (his favorite spaghetti, target had a big special on it), and deodorant (odd combination, I know, but it's useful stuff). I also got him some candy from the candy shop in Carytown. He liked everything.

For Valentine's dinner I made lasagna roll-ups. I boiled the lasagna noodles, drained, and then dried them on a clean kitchen towel. I browned some meat, drained it, and mixed it with 4 crushed cloves of garlic, 2 cans of crushed tomatoes, some salt & pepper, evoo, and italian seasoning. I took 2 cups of mixed italian cheeses and mixed that with some italian seasoning as well. I put the cheese on the lasagna noodles and rolled them up. In the pan, I poured about half of the sauce in first, and then laid the rolled up noodles in the pan. Then I poured the rest of the sauce on top of all of that, and sprinkled some more cheese on top. I kept it in the fridge until it was actually dinner time, and it only took about 15 minutes to heat up and melt all of the cheese on top. There are a lot of leftovers too, which means lunch tomorrow.

I am trying not to buy lunch while I'm at work anymore. It's so expensive. It can be really hard though seeing everyone in the office go out to lunch or order delivered's so annoying to see all of that money go to such waste. We bought groceries yesterday so we have a stocked pantry, fridge, and freezer. That's always a good feeling. I have all of our meals planned out for the next week, too. I am on a roll.

I also made some chocolate shark teeth..with blood on them! I melted some red chocolate chips and painted it on the molds first before pouring in the other chocolate on top. Daniel thought they were really cool.

We need to make some apple butter..we have all of the supplies. Last week Daniel made apple we still have apples to make apple butter with.

Earlier I went thrifting around town, of course. I found the brontosaurus welches jelly glass, to go with my pterodactyl and t-rex glasses. Now I just need my favorite one, the stegosaurus. Gonna keep my eye out for that. I also got a cute mixer cover for my mixer. It reminds me of my grandmother..I think it's the oranges. That's one thing they always shipped to us every winter..oranges & grapefruits from FL. Gosh, there were soo many of them..probably why I don't really like to eat oranges now..I've had my share of them. hah. But they are still cute on mixer covers! I also got some vintage contact paper for 50 cents..what a steal. I'm going to put it in my cabinet drawer because it's so awesome. Photos are on my flickr stream.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has a lovely rest of this valentine's weekend!


  1. picturesof the lasagna rolls? i saw sandra lee (or was it giada) make those one day and they looked awesome! i'll have to try :)

  2. it was an america's test kitchen recipe. no photos but it sure was good :)