Sunday, February 7, 2010

The 12 in 1 mix

Did you know that you can make just about anything with Bisquick? It's a staple pantry item (since the 1950's, but has been around since 1931), and it's unbelievable how many things you can make with it, besides pancakes or biscuits. You can also make a homemade version of Bisquick, in case you are out of it and don't want to go to the store to get some more. Just use flour, milk, baking powder, shortening, and salt.

I always knew it was an important item to have in the pantry. A few years ago I caught some of the Sandra Lee (from Semi-Homemade on the Food Network) biography special, and she grew up using & still swears by Bisquick. It's especially handy to have in case there's "nothing to eat," and it's actually fun to make things with it, and surprisingly easy.

The recipe for Homemade Bisquick calls for:

8 c. flour
1/3 c. baking powder
2 tsp. salt
8 tsp. sugar (optional)
1 c. shortening
1/3 c. milk

Mix together thoroughly first 4 ingredients. Cut in 1 cup shortening to fine consistency. Keeps best in refrigerator.

Tonight I made chicken fingers with Bisquick (the recipe is on the box), and yesterday I made homemade pizza. Both were delish.

Here are some things you can make with Bisquick (of course you will need other ingredients to make these, but Bisquick is one of the main ones):

cheese biscuits, garlic cheese biscuits
pizza dough
chicken pot pie, pastry dough, crepes
apple pie
pumpkin pie
taco bake
muffins & quick breads
monkey bread
cookies, granola bars
bread puddings, fruit crisps, cobblers
pound cakes, short cakes
stir frys
country fried steaks
beef & potato skillet
chicken & biscuits
chicken n dumplin's
mini meat loaves
sausage balls
coffee cakes

The official Betty Crocker website for Bisquick has some recipes listed on it:

And this website has over 200 Bisquick recipes on it:

"Sure, you can mix the flour, baking soda, salt, shortening, and the whole nine yards, but why wouldn't you just pull out a box of Bisquick?" -Sandra Lee

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