Friday, September 9, 2011

Updates and projects

When we were out of power last week, we went to Ross and Marshall's to get some big jar smell-good candles on the cheap.

We took our time going through each aisle and I spotted this decorative rhino.


He was $10 and I almost bought him. But I put him back because I decided he wasn't necessary.

At home I went through some of our origami boxes and found this guy:

Rhinoceros (Montroll)

I thought he was the better rhino. So he now has a place on our ladder shelf in our living room, next to our printer stamps. New life for almost-forgotten origami!


Here is another shot in the living room, which shows my chair I got from a friend who was moving.


I have since moved my brother's marine photo to the frame gallery on our staircase wall. I will post some new photos of that soon.

A few weeks ago, after we made our t-shirt quilts, I had some extra fleece and an extra shirt and decided to make this pillow for myself.


I already had the batting on hand, and the project didn't cost me anything since I already had all of the materials for it. It is perfect for while I am at work. During peak season it's going to be great having a pillow behind my back to help me keep my posture. It's really easy to sit the wrong way at the computer and end up with weird neck/shoulder pains. This pillow is going to help me out this coming season!


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