Monday, July 11, 2011

Shots not forgotten..

While going through the photos from my wedding, I came across some photos that I really seem to like. They were not forgotten, by any means, but they are not in our actual wedding album, either. I really like these shots, each for their own reasons. And, a lot of these shots were taken by some of our guests. I love them!

Guests arriving.


I like how both of my sisters are looking back at me at the top of the stairs, just making a final check.


My dad walking me down the aisle. This is before I cried and smeared all my makeup off my face.


This photo really speaks for itself..but I love the look on Daniel's face. I was walking down the aisle at this time. So glad someone took this shot! Thanks Aunt Sandy!!


The lighting in this is great. I think I remember the ballroom lighting being just like this, like it is in this photo. It's so neat seeing our friends and family all mixed together during the ceremony. We didn't have a designated side for the bride/groom (except for the parents). So everyone just sat anywhere.


This is right when we came out for the reception to start, everyone was clapping and cheering:


Guests mingling and jingling during our reception:


Guests watching some of the dancing going on during our reception:


Dancing with Daniel..I love this photo!


And this one too.


People dancing at our reception:


Dancing with my nephew Joseph:


I think it's a staple at wedding receptions that kids dance with the bride. For some reason during our reception, tons of kids wanted to dance with me. They were all so cute!

You can see they are sort of lining up waiting for their turn:


Me dancing with Krystal. She is so cute!


With some of my girls from work. I love how my dad is accidentally in this photo.


Hard to believe that this time 5 years ago we were engaged and planning our wedding. And that this November 15th will be our 3rd wedding anniversary. Sweet.

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