Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I'm Loving..

Today I am loving..

Dr. Wily. But, I love him every day anyway. I am just so happy that he is finally just about back to normal. He still has fur growing back on his belly and his front paws (from the surgeries and the IVs), but he is acting like his old self again. He has been getting into things and jumping up on places he shouldn't be, just like he used to do. He hangs out with us again and wants to sleep near us every night. He greets us when we get home and he follows us around everywhere we go inside the house.


Apples! Apples are good all of the time, but I have really been enjoying them more lately. The apples I got from the orchard, the chocolate caramel apples we made on Halloween, and just regular good old fashioned plain apples. They are good and filling snacks.

I am also loving cranberries! It's cranberry season and it's time to make all sorts of good things with cranberries. My sister Bonnie made some fresh cranberry sauce yesterday. I was just thinking about cranberries the other day and how I can make some FRESH cranberry salsa with them. Some other good cranberry recipes might be some cranberry granola bars, cranberry bread or muffins, and even chicken with cranberries.

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