Monday, November 22, 2010

58 hours. 2 people. Manhattan.

So we went to New York, New York for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

We stayed at the Harlem Bed & Breakfast..we got to the city really early Friday morning. Hello, Chinatown. & then we made our way through the city, just exploring. The Staten Island Ferry was a lot of fun..if you ever go you must ride it. We got a lot of shots of the cityscape that way. We also went by Miss Lady Liberty herself..and she is actually a lot smaller than I thought she was. Surprising.

My favorite building is Grand Central's so gorgeous inside and out. My favorite park is Bryant Park, even though Central Park is amazing all on its own.

We left late in the afternoon/early evening that Sunday. I miss NY so much. I know we were there for only a weekend but I felt like I belonged there.

The Staten Island Ferry

The Chrysler Building

The Empire State Building

The Statue of Liberty

The Browns in Central Park

We did pretty much everything 2 young people can cram into 58 hours. We visited every place we wanted to see and then some. We also have a list of things to do on trip 2. Not sure when that will be, though.

Let's just say I can't wait to go back. There's another blog coming eventually with the list of places we saw/things we did/etc.

You can view our photos here:

I love New York.


  1. I have to admit - when I saw these I thought they were links to other online photos, but Kristen set me straight. Really nice pictures!!

  2. thanks dave..i try not to use too many photos from other websites (unless it's a fav thing type of post..but even with those i try to use my own photos).