Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November..

It's November but it's time to wrap up October!


We carved our pumpkins on Friday and watched some scary movies.

Pumpkin and ghost shaped brownies!

On Saturday I went over to my friend Anna's and we made our holiday cards! I brought some brownies that I cut out into pumpkin shapes. (I also made some ghost shaped ones) I am so happy with how my card turned out..I would show you a photo but it'd be a you will just have to wait.


Daniel got the giant pumpkin for $ was originally $75. He brought it home on Halloween morning and we have it sitting on our front porch now. It's huge!!

Dr. Wily ready to go trick or treating..he loved this basket!

We had some trick or treaters last night, too. I was expecting more than we actually got, but it was still fun passing out candy and seeing all of the costumes of the ones who did actually make it to our place. We are at the end (or the beginning) of the neighborhood on our street so kids were probably tired by the time they got in our direction.


Our doorstep :)


Oh yeah! and we made chocolate caramel apples!



On Friday, I also organized my craft area. Since I lost my craft room (the sun room at the old place), my craft area is now in the office. I had these cubbies at the last place and I really like them because I can get to exactly what I need when I want to if I am trying to make something. The bottom cabinet has boxes in it on all of the shelves. Each box is clearly labeled with its contents. The middle cubbies hold my stamp sets and the top cubbies hold supplies and other tools. The empty spaces in this photo are from where my holiday stamp sets go. I have them in my to-go carrier right now since I took everything to Anna's on Saturday. I will put everything back this week sometime. I like how it all turned out. The jars on the top are just misc. items I am planning on finding a cubbie or box for.


  1. Cute pumpkins!! I like that one Daniel found. Good price he got on it. :)

    Cubby craft shelf is awesome! :)

    Where has the time gone?? I can't believe it's November already. :(

  2. Yeah, the one he brought home yesterday is huge!!

    I love my craft cabinet now. It's so handy and organized, much better than before. All of the pieces match and I can find exactly what I need when I need it.

  3. also, i updated this post with the caramel apples we made last night :)

  4. Your pumpkins look great!