Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tonight is card club..a new thing my stampin' up demonstrator's sister is going to start having..this is a test run tonight so I am hoping it turns out fun! I'll post some pictures of the cards we make later.

In a couple weeks, the Pioneer Woman will be in Fairfax at a book signing!! I am going to it, so I will be able to meet her and she will sign my copy of her cookbook. Exciting! I have been reading her blog for years, so it will be really cool to meet her. Her recipes are so delicious, too!

I am also "going back" to school. I have always wanted to take cooking/baking classes, and now I am finally going to act on it. I would love to be able to set up at a farmer's market and sell goods, including baked ones, and I think this is a step in the right direction. Maybe one day I will be able to sell online, too (once I get a tax id to do so).

Sure, you don't need to be a pro to sell at markets like that, but after doing some research on a local market (the market umbrella), I found that many of the sellers have their own small businesses, & they have culinary training. One of them is actually a culinary arts professor at a local community college. After chatting with a couple coworker-friends, I was informed that U of R has a certificate program in culinary after thoroughly researching that, I am now seriously considering signing up. It's part of their school of continuing studies..and after I get the certificate, the classes don't have to stop there. They also have advanced level classes to take after you earn the certificate. (U of R's classes for this certificate program is actually cheaper than the community college' cool is that???)

I feel that this will give me more accreditation, and the confidence to move forward with things I have always wanted to do. I can take the classes at my own pace until I am done with the program. I am so excited and really looking forward to this program. Some of the classes they have are:

Chef's Skills
Tools of the Trade
Basics of Breadmaking
Bakeshop Basics
Stocks & Sauces
Herbs & Spices
30 Minute Specialties
Cake Decorating
Knife Skills
Healthy Cooking
Baking Beyond the Basics
The Candy Shop
and sooooooo many more. The elective classes change every semester but the core classes (which all sound awesome) are the same. And, best of all, they are offered at night, and some on saturdays!!!


  1. Love this program at U of R - a friend at work registered for a creative writing class, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment...sad. But they also have party planning and decorating classes...I check for new ones every few weeks - love the history ones as well! They do a trip to Gettysburg to visit the Civil War battlefied and other sites. The School of COntinuing Studies is where I'll be getting my Bachelor's after my transfer :) good stuff!

  2. K-there are soooooooooo many classes offered there, in anything you can possibly think of! I was so surprised by it all! :D

  3. Too bad most of those classes are during the week. I wouldn't be able to get off work. Maybe they will have some better Saturday classes in the fall?? :)