Tuesday, March 23, 2010

novel editing..

So I have shoved novel editing aside..I actually never even started editing my novel. The more and more I read on nanowrimo about it though, the more I want to print my proof copy. But I don't want to waste the free proof printing on something that needs major editing..

My novel has plenty of boring parts. and plenty of juicy parts. and confusing, and weird, and dramatic parts. I am sure it is all over the place..but I am still really proud of myself for writing it in a month.

I can count on one hand the number of times I got frustrated and started worrying about my novel during November. Looking back I actually thought it was pretty easy and fun to do. There is something very relaxing about sitting down in the peace and quiet and letting the words flow. Not once did I think I wasn't going to finish. I know I can go on and on about certain topics for a long time..Daniel unfortunately knows that, too. I sure can talk a lot about things I find interesting. Like the world, for instance..and you know that includes a lot of things..everything..

So my novel has a little bit of everything in it. And I am sure anyone who reads it will be thinking "WTF?" I am getting antsy now just thinking about the editing process. I think I shoved it aside for these last several months because I knew it would take me a while to edit..I'm not going to make it perfect by any means, but I want every single thought of mine about each little part to be just right. I know there are several places I meant to go back to and add more to..guess I can start with those. I just don't want to think of something later and wish I added it to a certain part in the novel.

I think I may participate again. I already have all sorts of ideas for my next story (don't worry, they are not written down or anything, just daydreaming type of stuff), and it's completely different and unrelated to my first novel. Since I know how much I am capable of writing in certain time frames, I know I'll be able to do it again..

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