Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Easter is around the corner..and I have a ton of eggs to do things with.

We are going to make some homemade we'll need a couple for that.

I finally learned how to make I can make some of those for breakfast every now and then..

Martha Stewart has a cool tutorial/article on making chocolate filled egg shells (they are whole egg shells with the yolk/egg white taken out and then sterilized). I really would like to make some of those..I just need to figure out how to drain the egg without breaking the shell.

I also would like to dye eggs naturally again this year. Last year was a test run..I dyed eggs in natural blueberries, beets, cabbage, tea, 100% natural grape juice, coffee, random colorful spices, and some other things I can't recall right now. Here is a photo of last year's eggs:

I think this year I am going to use blueberries again. I really liked the color it gave off..and spices like chili powder, and some tea.

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