Monday, January 25, 2010

SML Trip

Over the weekend I went to Smith Mountain was nice going back to the lake house and being reminded of little things about my grandparents. We used to go there pretty often during summers as kids growing up, so there are a lot of memories there. I learned how to swim in the lake, how to fish (and bait the hook, and take the fish off & throw it back in), how to ride a bike, how to tie my shoes, how to play rummy & solitaire and other card games, how to drive a tractor and not hit a mailbox, how to hull and slice strawberries & how to pick them, how to play bingo, how to put up a purple martin house & when the birds would be coming and going, and more things, but those are the ones that stick out in my mind the most right now. I could go on..but I'll stop.

The picture above represents one thing that I will always remember: the love between my grandmother and grandfather. They were very happy and loving towards one another, and I can remember them holding hands, laughing together, kissing, hugging, pinching each other, etc. A great couple and marriage, one that I hope mine resembles when I grow to be the ages they grew to be. The picture is of the cement near their dock, with their names "Orpha" and "Bill." I remember tracing their names as a kid out there by the water, hoping one day to have what they had. I now believe that I do, and I can only hope it will last the way their's did.

My uncle told us a few stories, we made him dinner on Saturday night, and overall just had a nice time. I definitely needed a trip somewhere. I think next month I'll take some road trips during some weekends, just to explore and see what is around. It's fun going places when you don't actually have to be anywhere or on a time frame.

It's 2010 and I've got a plan for a positive, stress-free, fat-free life. If I stick to my plan, I should be where I want to be come August/September.

My uncle let us go through my grandmother's china cabinet, so we all got to take a few pieces from there. I got some crystal candy dishes I plan on using for candy or as a loose jewelry holder on my jewelry cabinet or dresser. My grandmother always had candy dishes laying around the house, full of good candy. Especially Werther's and Reissen's. I just like the idea of strings of pearls and cameos sitting in the dish.

I also discovered some of my grandmother's vintage kitchenware, like pyrex and bakelite pieces, and a fireking bowl. There were also some tin salt and pepper shakers and vintage dishtowels. My uncle let me have the big red pyrex 404 bowl, which has been lovingly used a lot over the years. Who knows, the bowl may probably be older than my mom and uncle are.. He gave me the bakelite silverware, a couple of vintage dishtowels, and a big old potato bin that my grandpa dug out of the trash a long time ago and fixed up-it looks like an antique. He also gave me 2 yarn things he made..I am not sure what they are called but they look like vintage christmas to me, so I can't wait to display them during christmastime.

When I got home, I put the potato bin next to my pyrex cabinet in the dining room, and I put the dishtowels in the top of it. The red bowl is on display on my pyrex cabinet. For some reason it is all very comforting to me.

I made a SML set on my flickr stream. At an antique shop we stopped at (after practically begging), I scored a friendship 403 and a spring blossom loaf pan. Awesome!

I know I got my good taste from grandma always had awesome taste, so it had to be her that I got it from.
Her birthday is on 1/30. I think of her every day, but I will definitely make something special that day in honor of her, in her big red pyrex bowl.



  1. I am a Realtor here at the lake and I love to read stories like this...they are so much more real to people than the words Realtors sometimes use! I hope you keep coming back to the lake for years and years...and bring your children too.