Saturday, December 12, 2009

was just thinking that Heath as a first name is pretty nice. just might have to save that for the far future.

scrubbed the uggs clean today, inside and out. it'll probably take them a few weeks to dry at this rate, though. too scared to put them in the dryer, but they are on a towel and stuffed full of paper towels right now.

i really hope it snows here soon, for real. when i'm home, anyway. looking forward to tx trip-it's much needed. i hope to spend some quality time with the brown bunch and maybe explore around tx a little bit if there's time.

we leave on wednesday, so i'm leaving work early that day. my birthday is on the 19th, don't have any plans for it since we'll be at a wedding reception that day. we come home on monday the 21st, so that's a nice amount of time there i guess. then we have a friend coming to visit after xmas. i don't go back to work until january 4th, so it'll be a nice vacation i hope. lots of comfy home time.

a flickr pro account would be really cool to have. i hate being limited to the amount of photos i can have on my page there.

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