Thursday, December 3, 2009

silver white winters that melt into springs..

So today I put the wreath on our door. I would love to have an aluminum christmas tree, but it's unlikely i'll ever get once since they are so's so weird how someone's trash is someone else's treasure. Anyway, so I figured this wreath would satisfy my yearning for an aluminum tree.

I put my vintage ornaments on it. Cute!

Also, not sure if you looked at the moon on Tuesday night, but we did. There was a lunar fog bow up in the sky. It's basically a ring completely around the moon, 360 degrees, spaced pretty far apart from the moon. Here's a picture we took, but it's kind of hard to see:

We had just gotten home from seeing "This is It" (the michael jackson film, very good btw, his concerts would have been awesome :( )..and came home to our neighbor looking up at the sky outside. So we did too, and we all just marveled over it. Anyway, it was really neat, and Daniel found this article about it online:

Some people say it's a predictor of bad weather, like snow or heavy rain.

AND it might snow this Saturday. I'm working & the parade is going on outside of the office, so I'll have a front row seat. Snow would be so neat this weekend!

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

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