Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weekend in Athens, GA

We're going to Athens, GA this weekend. Daniel's brother Jerrod is getting married to Lindsey on Saturday! We are both really happy for the two of them-they have even been together longer than we have! They are a gorgeous couple and will make a wonderful family one day.

You might remember Lindsey caught the bouquet at our wedding. Here ^ they are posing with it. :)

We are driving down to GA early on Friday, and then driving back later on Sunday. I wish we could have more time there to spend with family but we will see all of them again in December. Jackie is getting married on December 17th (which is Lindsey's birthday), and my birthday falls during that weekend too (December 19th). So, we're going to have a nice birthday weekend in Texas and a nice early Christmas with family (which is what Jackie wanted-all of us together for Christmas). :)

My friend Sarah is having a baby BOY! and her baby shower is in November. Another friend, Stefonia, is getting married in January 2010, and her bridal shower is also in November. So, I've got a lot of registries to shop from! Exciting.

Lots of excitement! I can't believe our one year wedding anniversary is almost here! It seems like just yesterday we were folding all of those roses..

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