Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I spent my lunch break today writing out outline stuff for my novel. I almost filled up the entire notepad! It was one of those small legal pads. About the height of a novel, actually.

I know I write pretty big but I was writing down a ton of stuff. Chapter information, word count goals for each section, character descriptions, names, etc. I wrote down the things I need to research some more information on. I am feeling motivated. I feel like I know my character more so now I can actually daydream about the character and the adventures he/she will be experiencing so I can write my novel!

All I can tell you is that my research has something to do with old post cards and old road maps.

I see walking through dark library halls and sifting through dusty pages in my future. Yay for research!

I don't really have a genre, but on the Nanowrimo website I chose 'chick-lit.' I feel like that is a bit cheesy, though. I don't want it to fall under mystery or horror or adventure or romance, because it can be all of those things. We'll see.

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