Friday, October 23, 2009

Caramel Apples

So the other night I made caramel apples. I took some granny smiths, washed and dried them completely, and then dipped them in melted caramel.
I melted the caramel in a saucepan on the stove (following the directions on the package). I held the apple upside down for a couple seconds so the caramel would look nice and pretty. Once the caramel was set on the apples, I dipped them in melted chocolate (on a double boiler). After the chocolate dip, I rolled each apple in crushed candy pieces. Once that was done, I drizzled melted chocolate on some, and melted white chocolate on others. The apples I made:

crunch bar
twix bar
baby ruth bar
snickers bar
oreo cookies




Daniel & I shared the oreo cookie caramel apple that night. It was so good and probably my favorite. I brought the twix apple to work today, to share. I hope my coworkers like it! I am taking the other 5 somewhere this weekend for a surprise..

Just one of these apple slices is plenty for one person, so these things are definitely made for sharing. There is a thick layer of candy topping, chocolate, and then caramel before you get to the delicious apple underneath. MMm!

I think from now on when I make these, I will just use oreos, unless someone has a specific favorite from the ones I made this time.

Tip: Don't set the caramel dipped apple on wax paper or foil. It sticks and is very hard to get off of the foil or wax paper.... :( It's probably best to just hold it and let it set before you do the chocolate dip, but that could probably take a little while..

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