Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Word count goals

8,523. Didn't write as much last night since I had some errands and things to do. By the time I sat down to write I was pretty tired.

That's why I wrote so much my first day. I knew I'd be too busy this week. There's all sorts of things going on all week so I am making sure I stay on top of my game.

I kept thinking about my novel last night though. I dreamed about it again, just like I did the night before last. So, all of my ideas are coming together. As long as I still get my word count goals for each day, then I'm fine. And so far I have.

After work today I'm going to vote before the polls close. Then I'll have dinner and work on my novel. I'll probably work on it during lunch today too, since I brought my laptop with me to work.

Anyway, that's all. Yay for word count goals.

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