Wednesday, December 22, 2010

25 years..12/19

My birthday started with a visit to my mother in law's in the morning. After that we made our way up to Fredericksburg and had an early family dinner to celebrate me and my brother's birthday, and our sister's birthday. It was nice having everybody together even if it was for a short time.

My mother-in-law Fayth gave me a beautiful Origami Bijou necklace. It is the windmill shape (good luck), folded from a single thin sheet of pure silver. It is so precious and totally me. I love it.


I got a Penzey's Spices baking jar gift box set, a cute tea towel, and the Bakerella cake pops book from Kristen and Dave-so cute and thoughtful! My sis Bonnie & her husband Nate gave me a gift card, and so did my other sis Natalie and her boys..lots of goodies from everybody.

After dinner we went around a few places in Fredericksburg but most of the day was already by the time we got back to Richmond there wasn't much to do since everyone closes early or is closed on Sundays.

We had a birthday do-over on Monday.

When I got home from work, there was a sign on the front door for my birthday. I came inside and there were animal balloons everywhere. Daniel made me a chocolate cake with Ukrop's buttercream frosting, with an origami cake topper. He also gave me some really nice presents that I did not expect at all.



We went downtown to the James center for a bit and then headed to dinner at Maggianos's in Short Pump..we went around to a few of the stores at the mall and I picked up a NYC stamp set I had been eyeballing at Pottery Barn. It was nice getting to spend some time out with Daniel since the last month has been crazy busy for both of us at work and we've had weird schedules/have been working a lot of over time. We also went by Tom Leonard's and checked out their christmas trees and wreaths-the fresh greenery smelled so good.


Daniel gave me the 24 season 8 dvd set-the last season of the show, and the last dvd set we needed for our 24 collection. Now we have all 8 seasons..I love that show! He also got me some flowers over the weekend for my birthday. And, he printed a photo of fossil beach on some canvas printer paper. I have since framed it and plan on hanging it above Bob's tank.


He then gave me a beautiful silver bracelet with little diamonds all around it. We usually don't do much in terms of gifts for each other but this was something he wanted to get for me. I don't have to justify it..but he said I needed an upgrade anyway. I had been wearing the same plain silver bracelet that he gave me 9 years ago for my birthday. I very rarely took that bracelet off during those years. It was a nice surprise to get a new bracelet..and diamonds are always a good present. It is gorgeous.


Also, my sweet friend Donna from work had a surprise for me on my desk last Friday before my birthday- it was a pair of cute Christmas socks and a good smelling Christmas nice of her to do that for me in honor of my birthday. And on Tuesday my friend Anna brought me a birthday/Christmas gift certificate to UofR to put towards one of their enrichment classes..looks like the baking/cooking classes are back on the calendar for next semester!!

We brought back some lemon crescent moon cookies from Maggiano's, in honor of the lunar eclipse Monday night/Tuesday morning. We got up to watch it but it was too cloudy out. Some of our friends got some cool photos of it but we saw how cloudy it was and went back to sleep instead of waiting to take was neat though to experience the eclipse.

I have put the birthday cards I received on our's a nice reminder that there are lots of other things going on besides Christmas. It's sad that so many things get pushed aside this time of year. Daniel and I have made a promise to celebrate our birthdays every year, no matter what.

It was a great birthday..I am so thankful for everyone in my life and I hope that the next 5 years are even more amazing than the last.

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